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Auto insurance quotes have made buying auto insurance is similar to buying anything else. It is not typically an exciting venture but may require a good bit of time. Nothing helps more than shopping around, talking to friends, insurance companies and agents and educating yourself to get the best product.

You can get relevant quotes by using the Internet or directly from insurance agents and companies. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios, here are some important steps you can take to find the company and deal that are right for you, your vehicle and your pocket:

Talk to friends and people you trust: It's good to seek recommendations of friends and relatives who have used the services of certain insurance agents / companies. Ask about how your experiences with the insurance procedure, making claims, getting questions answered, etc.

Get online quotes and make comparisons: There are a number of websites where you can undertake a quick comparison by getting quotes from different insurance companies and it only takes about five minutes. Here's how ‘comparison shopping’ works:

Get multiple quotes – at least 3 or 4 quotes from different auto insurance companies to start with. Record as much information as you can about each firm.

Check the track records of the companies: If you don't want to spend time comparing prices from different companies, then, a renowned or a large company can be a good place to start. Undoubtedly it will be expected that they will be fair and provide decent service. If the agent / company is unable or unwilling to answer your questions, you would probably be better off buying your auto insurance elsewhere. And never buy from the first company you get a quote from.

Price is important but so is security: Ensure the fact that the insurance company is financially sound, reliable and reputed. You can learn how secure they are by checking the Standard and Poor lists (Check how the company is rated, whether A, AA, or AAA. It may be safer to stick to companies rated thus).

Educate yourself: The right information can always take you a long way. The more you know about auto insurance, the better prepared you will be to make the right decisions. Make a conscious decision to educate yourself on auto insurance. Auto insurance is mandatory in all of USA if you are keen on driving. There are two reasons for this:

Check your credit profile: Some auto insurance companies consider your credit history when calculating their rates. Unresolved issues in your credit file can raise your premiums. Ensure a clean chit for your credit background when seeking insurance quotes.

Select your vehicle carefully: The worth of the car, the make and model, and even the color will affect your insurance rates. Clarify the insurance costs for the new car that you plan to buy. If you buy an older car and don't need financing you can get by with less insurance coverage and save a good amount of money

Ask about available discounts: A clean driving record can always get you some discounts. If you don't drive frequently inquire about a ‘low-mileage discount’. There is a list of commonly available auto insurance discounts that you can enquire about:

There are a number of discounts on auto insurance policies, which you may avail of, but many times you get them only if you ask. Create a checklist with the auto insurance discounts above for when you request your quotes. That way it will be easy to decide.

Reduce your auto insurance coverage amounts: If you are financing your car, you'll be required to purchase adequate comprehensive coverage, but when you pay off the loan you can lower your coverage amounts and save a lot a money on premiums. Inadequate insurance coverage means carrying more risk, but if you're a safe driver you can probably get by with liability insurance only. In which case remember, drive safely and control the urge to speed.

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